Friday, May 24, 2013

Your Publisher Can Make Your Book Look Thick

I bet you're thinking that I write way too many posts on book thickness. Well, the thing is that this seems to be a very important thing for a lot of writers, even if it shouldn't.

You see, I was, out of curiosity, comparing the thickness of Matilda with Lady Friday. It's not necessary to have read the books, because that's not what we're going to talk about here. The first book is filled with drawings, which would undoubtedly increase its length, while the latter is filled with only words. Still, if you were to measure their thickness with a ruler, they would come out almost the same, even though Matilda is around 240 pages in total while Lady Friday stretches to around 310.

Of course, I later found out that that shouldn't be surprising. After all, page thickness does contribute to how big your book will be. But the important point is: Both of the books looked equally thick. Yet one is actually larger.

The thing is that I know a lot of people with the mentality that they won't even open a very thin book, so they're scared if their book turns out to be too short. Well, that's the thing, don't worry about page count, and don't worry about thickness. You're publisher will decide that, and decide in the way they think is best for your book. Just focus on writing for now.

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