Sunday, May 26, 2013

Grow A Thick Skin

While you're a writer, you're going to be under flak a whole lot of time, either while you're sending out for a publisher/agent and getting rejected, or just having your work reviewed.

Rejection pretty much is guaranteed to all writers. And even if you do get published, your editor will probably have a lot to say regarding your manuscript. And even if it does get published, there's no guarantee that it will sell up to even one-tenth of your expectation.

And even if it becomes a hit, critics will still want to demean your book. Some of them will do it just because your book is popular. There hasn't been a single book published ever that hasn't had some criticism.

Which is why it is absolutely necessary to develop hippo-like bulletproof skin. Don't let other's comments get you down, because the only thing you can do is write more, try again, and try better, not sulk somewhere about what other people are saying.

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