Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Being Honest About How You See Your Book

Remember when I said that around 95% of submissions get rejected for simple reasons like grammar and syntax? Well, to be honest, a whole lot of you might be wondering why those people send in their works in the first place. I bet publishers are thinking the same thing.

The truth is that most of them think their works are great. That they're amazing. And if they've shown them to people they know, out of courtesy, they probably agree. Which is why it's very necessary to be true to yourself about your work.

I've experienced it several times. While editing, even though I knew that a scene wasn't working, I decided to leave it thinking that I could work on it later. Don't do things like that. Look at your work like a reader, and I'm sure you'll see most of the errors in it yourself, even if you might not want to admit that they're mistakes at first. You'll just end up having to fix them later on, and even if you don't, if it gets published like that, you'll still regret that you didn't change it.

It might be hard at first, but the key to editing is never thinking 'it's good enough' and hoping an editor will fix it. Do everything to the best of your ability. And trust me, I'm sure you know exactly where you're messing up.

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