Sunday, June 9, 2013

Writing Fanfiction

This is a sort of sequel to my earlier post on However, this post isn't about the website, but it's rather about fanfiction in general, and some tips while writing them.

Fanfiction is fiction which isn't purely original, but instead takes the ideas/universe/characters of one or several different original works, meshes them together, and a new story is made. Fanfiction pieces are often abbreviated and called fanfics. Now, though this blog is mainly about publishing, since so many teen writers enjoy writing fanfics, I suppose that I might as well lay out the basics.

Now, first of all you'll need an account on There are some other sites like for Harry Potter fanfics, but they are only for a specific book/universe. Now, here are some abbreviations that you'll probably come across:

One-shot: A fanfic that lasts only one chapter.
AU: Alternate Universe, a fanfic that contains the same characters, only in a different universe/scenario.
A/N: Author's Note, something the Author is mentioning.
OC: Original character, a character that the fanfic writer has made up himself/herself.

Now, first of all you have to write a fanfic. Now, disclaimers (statements that you don't own the work) are not really necessary and you might as well omit them, or mention them only in the first chapter. No one wants to see that repeat. Also, you might want to put any words at the top before the story begins in bold.

Now, do you how you can search for fanfics? Well, the system basically lists the fanfics in the order that they have been updated. So, if you are writing a series one chapter at a time, every time that you update a chapter your work will go to the first page on the search list for that fanfic category. That's why you'll notice that most of your new readers will show up when you update.

Also, I would suggest that you don't take the number of reviews, favorites, or followers too personally. I've seem some fanfics garner a whole lot of them even though they're not that good, while some excellent ones get ignored. Just keep writing.

To promote your various pieces, at the beginning of a story you might want to list some other works that your readers might enjoy, like what you've written. Also, if you see something you like, you should give a review.

Aside from that, there's not much else I can mention. Just read and practice, and follow the normal things of writing. Good luck!

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