Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Off The Beaten Track- Fanfiction

Some of you may wonder why I'm obsessed with Fanfiction, but the thing is that most of us teen writers do write it at some point or the other.

But the thing is though that sometimes while reading some stuff I just can't help but hold back a facepalm. Really, one of the problems with is that anyone can post anything. While that's great in a way, it also gets tiring after some point.

So, for today, I'd like to honour some of the great pieces that I've read. When I talk about that, I mean the pieces which really jump out at me and feel that my time shifting through all the other things was worth it. I suppose good fanfics might be a little hard to find, so here they are:

1. One Last Theft: This is a fanfic that's a crossover with Artemis Fowl and Yu-Gi-Oh! It pretty much stays true to anything that you might like in either. It doesn't have many reviews since, for some reason, crossovers don't get too many reviews.

2. Ready? Get Set, FLash!: This is a hilarious parody of the first Artemis Fowl book.

3. The Morrow Day Council: Another comedy piece, though if you haven't read The Keys to the Kingdom you probably won't understand it.

4. The Morrow Days vs The Casual Dining Industry: Something similar in genre to the one above.

5. Crookshanks: This is one of those Harry Potter fanfics, but this one is pretty short, though great.

For now, that's going to be it. I know the list is short, and really, sorry guys, I can't read every single fanfic out there, and these are just some of those that I remember the best.

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